A Trusted Provider of Snow and Ice Management Services.

Snow and ice removal is a huge issue when the winter months strike. If you’re a homeowner, the snow can block you in, stopping you from getting to work and effectively costing you money. It can also be a safety hazard for your children. If you’re a business owner, just imagine how much money you could lose if your parking lot was inaccessible for any length of time. Or how much trouble it would cause if a customer slipped and fell on your premises? These are just a handful of issues that arise when winter rears its ugly head, and we are here to help.

Don’t trust a job so important and timely on someone who is unprofessional. Plowing is a serious job but many amateurs emerge as the snow starts falling, looking to make a quick buck. The last thing you need is an untrained driver navigating your driveway with a truck that could damage your home. If you want the best this winter, use Penton. We have been plowing snow and dealing with ice since we were founded over twenty years ago, so we will do the job better than anyone else.

A full suite of winter service to suit your needs

On top of the obvious aspect of snow plowing, we also are available to handle these other winter specific issues for you.

  • Salt, sand and ice melt applications
  • Walkway, entryway, and sidewalk snow removal
  • Moving large piles of snow with the use of skid-steer loaders
  • Hauling snow off property entirely